Endangered Animals

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Endangered Animals

Date: Thursday 20th of June - Sunday 21st of July
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Room: Gallery

Through the visual art of drawing, one of the oldest forms of communication, Artist, Jane Lee McCracken is curating an exhibition of North East school children’s portraits drawn in Biro, depicting some of the world’s most endangered species. Children from five schools across the North East participated in Jane’s workshops, where they used her working method, and created drawings in Biro with no pencil guidelines. Each portrait in this exhibition, which is supported by international wildlife charity Born Free, presents an emotional connection between the young artists and their subjects. Evocative and uninhibited, the art of children, in its purity, not only expresses an honest depiction of subject matter but also portrays the unique characteristics of the inner child. Inspired by photographs taken by some of the world’s best wildlife photographers, drawings of vulnerable species not only depict individual beings that live their own lives according to their needs, each portrayal contemplates what their eyes have seen, and represents a species facing extinction. Wildlife is something we all share; wildlife has the power to unite us through the need for its conservation. This exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the beauty of child art as well as forming connections with each species, through the creative response of a generation of young people. Also on display is a selection of Jane’s original Biro drawings and large format prints, which explore the process of loss to the environment, generated by human destruction.

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